We have undertaken the following actions to ensure equal access to our services from our website.

Standards Compliance
    • Should your browser not support style sheets, our menu system is displayed in simple list format.
    • A sitemap can be accessed which has plain text links and can be navigated using the tab key.
    • Wherever possible, we use live text instead of graphics to reduce the download time of pages and increase your control.
    • No information is exclusively conveyed using colour. This doesn’t mean that colours are not used to organise information, instead it means there are also other, non-colour dependent ways of doing so.
    • Content and navigation of the website is intended to be fully functional and readable for users with older browsers. The website operates across multiple platforms and browsers. Styles and style sheets may be disabled.
    • All our images are accompanied with descriptive ALT attributes. This means that when an image is conveying important information its content is described with an alternative text. If an image is used for decorative purposes only, the text attribute for the image will be left blank.
    • Where individual features make use of functions that do not comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines we have made sure that there are alternative routes provided to the information.
    • Style of navigation remains consistent through the website.
Have we got it right?

We aim to make this website as easy to use for everyone. If you do encounter any difficulties with its accessibility, please tell us and we will work with you to resolve the problems. Call us on +44 870 753 0925 or send us an email: