Our Expertise

We have developed an extensive network of contacts on both a personal and professional level, creating a valuable source of colleagues and professionals around the world, to ensure our client’s have access to a wide range of suitable professionals - from lawyers and accountants to tax advisers and business consultants – so we can always look after our client’s interests, wherever they may be required.

Our international network spans from Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, down through the Middle East, Lusophone Africa, South Africa and the key markets of Asia Pacific, as well as across the United States of America, Canada and South America.

Lawyers you need to have on your side when negotiating and executing cross-border transactions.

In some cases, our role is simply to provide our clients with an appropriate introduction, whilst at other times, we remain involved and we work with lawyers in other jurisdictions on a co-counsel basis or we instruct them as local counsel. This is determined by our clients depending on their specific requirements and preferences.

At the same time, we work for a number of foreign and international law firms helping them to look after their clients when they are doing business in Europe or when they are seeking local market intelligence as part of their client’s due diligence.

Whatever your requirements may be, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you how we can help.