We regularly work with entrepreneurs to help them assess their new business requirements and determine an appropriate form for establishing their new business. Our services cover general advice and assistance to ensure that your new business meets all of your needs. You choose what & how much help you need. We work with accountants, tax advisors and related professionals to provide a seamless service at an important and busy time for your new business.

We incorporate brand new private limited companies – within just a few hours. This is not an off the shelf option. It is a fully customised solution. You choose the name, the share capital, the directors, the secretary (if wanted) and the shareholders. We do the rest.

You choose the name, the share capital, the directors, the secretary and the shareholders. We do the rest.

We regularly draft bespoke articles of association for both new and existing companies. Companies which were not incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 will, at some point, need to update their articles of association to ensure they reflect the latest provisions and we are familiar with the requirements.

Partnerships can either be traditional or limited liability partnerships (LLP). The principal difference is that a traditional partnership is unincorporated whereas an LLP is a form of corporate entity, and as such it has obligations similar to that of a company. In either case, a partnership agreement is an essential document, which sets out the rules for the management and operation of the partnership. Partners or members in an LLP have rights, duties and obligations and these should be dealt with at the outset.

We have experience in drafting these agreements so as to ensure that common issues are dealt with appropriately and proper consideration is given to any bespoke requirements. We work with you to achieve a practical and workable solution for the benefit of the partnership.