Client Guarantee

As part of our commitment to clients, we provide the following guarantee.

  • The quality of our services

    All legal work originating from this firm will be of the highest calibre. If you ever find anything that does not meet your needs or expectations, then please bring it to our attention and we will correct the situation immediately.

  • The effectiveness of our advice

    All work which we do is done with the utmost care and consideration of all relevant factors. We work quickly, and thoroughly, to understand your requirements and then to deliver advice and assistance to achieve the desired result. Sometimes more, but never less.

  • To keep in touch regularly

    We know how frustrating it is. You call, and call, and call again. You go from voicemail, to secretary, to voicemail, to nowhere. There are lots of firms where this happens. Not with us. We understand. We promise to respond to all telephone calls, emails and letters. And to respond as quickly as we can.

  • To be honest about our abilities

    We know that some firms claim to be able to do everything. Some of them do. Most of them don’t. We guarantee that we only do the work we believe we can do and then to do it to the best of our ability. If we can’t do it, then we will tell you, and normally tell you who can do it.

  • To meet all deadlines

    Few things in life are as frustrating as missed deadlines. A missed deadline can do a lot to undermine our relationship. What is more, we want you to know that you can rely on us and furthermore to trust what we tell you. Meeting a deadline is important so we guarantee to complete all work in accordance with any schedule we agree with you.

  • Our fees

    No one likes financial surprises. That is why, whenever it is possible, we will provide you with a written fee quote. So long as our instructions don’t change, then it will never cost you one penny more. You can depend on it.

  • Personal care and attention

    As a small firm, you will receive a personal, but unobtrusive, service. We do not have thousands of clients; we know each and every one of them by name AND face! Every person you deal with is here for one purpose: To serve you. We guarantee you will receive the best service we can offer.